Sunday, June 24, 2007

Salad Days

These are the salad days of the gardening year; the lazy, blowsy days when all the weeding, digging, and other hard work has been done, and all that needs to be decided is whether to have a glass of lemonade or a bottle of cold beer in my hand when we wander about the pathways admiring the lushness of high summer. Flocks of newly fledged songbirds twitter in the treetops, the bullfrogs on the pond honk laconically in the warm afternoons, and the barred owls stir from their slumber in the long dusk, to hoot up and down the valley into the night. I have no more projects, no more plans, no thought of anything other than to enjoy the moment. Life is sweet.
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You make it sound wonderful!
Agree w/ Moe! I want to walk down that path there ... :)
Wow - I love how you've used the weigela (that is weigela, right?)

It is indeed a wonderful time to get drawn up a path and over the hill... it is, indeed, cardinal shrub.
Wonderful thoughts and a wonderful shot. Enjoy this time.

All the best,
Even though I can't say that my garden chores are all "done", thanks for reminding me to sit back and enjoy! Now I don't feel so bad for accomplishing almost nothing last weekend! ;-)
It's too hot to work here now, anyway.
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