Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Needed Reminder

This morning I was off to the nature preserve to pull garlic mustard. It had rained briefly earlier, so everything was wet and muddy as I worked my way back through a large, deep ravine. While I've been making good progress in removing the invasive mustard from Big Grove, I recently explored some adjacent woods and found it full of this thuggish weed going to seed, the woodland's owner apparently not caring that he will soon have a solid monoculture... this will, of course, prove to be a constant source of reseeding to our preserve as deer track through.
I was therefore in a darkened mood as I moved deeper into the ravine, pulling garlic mustard as I went, wondering if the hundreds of hours I've put in will in the end be a lost cause; my mood was mirrored by the day, a day of low grey clouds and surly mugginess that made me sweat in my heavy protective clothing. However, just as I reached the bottom of the ravine, the sun broke through the clouds directly overhead, spilling sunshine down into the woods where I stood. At that moment a wood thrush began singing in the top of a red oak tree, serenading me with his sweet, languorous song. The sky opened up to a pure, deep blue and a half dozen meadow fritillaries began a slow, swirling dance about an old, moss covered stump in the now bright sunlight illuminating the cool, ferny seep below me.
Being a steward of nature is not work; it is a privilege... sometimes I just need to be reminded.
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Privileges wouldn't life be better if we recognized that it and much of what is in it is a privilege? Thanks for the reminder.
It is so important to be concerned about skin cancer and wearing sun protective clothing, especially on young sensitive skin.

I found a wonderful site that sells sun protective clothing for the whole family.

They also sells an aromatherapy sunscreen which is broad spectrum, and all organic.
Don: So far this June it's been 90+ degrees up here in Minnesota, and I've been complaining about it non-stop. Your post is an excellent reminder of the privilege of working with and in nature. Thanks.
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I have not posted in your blog in quite awhile, I do however read it every day.

Wood Thrushes have the most beautiful song and just seeing one and hearing it sing had to be a great reward. I don't see them nearly as often as I used to since the woods behind our house has been developed.

I hope your garden survived the rain you received last night.........I heard 6 inches of rain was reported in your area.
Well, we ended up with over four inches of rain last night, and it looks like it's going to pour tonight... then we'll get some of that heat next week.
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