Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Growing Up

You buy these cute little Japanese maples in one gallon pots and plant them in your garden... then one day you find they are the size of a garage and you wish you had a larger garden. Sigh... they grow up SO fast.
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Complain not my warmer neighbor. Here in south central Wis, we're happy when they merely survive. "Bloodgood" is the only reliable cultivar, at least out here in countyside. City folk have a few more options but not many.
It's so beautiful! A landscaper planted one under my front window (@ my last house) and said it was a slow grower. All I can say is it must have really liked where it lived 'cause it got huge! But it was a sight to behold in the late fall when it was all dressed up in crimson red.
You are so lucky! I've wanted a Japanese Maple and a Redbud tree for years but they won't grow north of Hwy 30. :(
Sally, Redbuds will grow north of 30...I'm in Independence and have had one for years. You need to find a northern strain. Find someone north of 30 who has one...I bet you could beg a seedling from them.
I don't know if you can find it, but there is a 'Minnesota Strain' redbud, I think from the arboretum in Minneapolis. I grew some Jm's in Cedar Falls, and there is a guy in Waterloo with a whole yard full of them. There's a Jm Robinson's Red, which is a selected Bloodgood I think, and hardy to Z4. Waterfall is green leafed, but is a cutleaf hardy probably to Z4b. Red Dragon with wind protection would be worth trying in Z4b.
Heh, I wish my japanese maples would try and take over like that! I have three, and none is more than 12" tall after 4 years! I guess mine are examples of "truth in advertising".
Lisa... just wait... they kind of sit there for a couple of years, then take off.
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