Monday, June 18, 2007

Elegance in The Garden... Polygonatum Falcatum

Polygonatum falcatum oozes class and refinement without even trying, with its elegant architectural leaves and its lovely, understated flowers. The genus Polygonatum (po-lig-oh-NAY-tum), the Solomon's seals, is comprised of about fifty species. Falcatum is sometimes called dwarf Solomon's seal; it is certainly smaller and more delicate than our native American P. biflorum, but still it can reach two feet or so... not quite my definition of dwarf. Myself, I'd reserve the term dwarf for another species, P. humile, which only reaches about six inches... this latter, smaller Solomon's seal, in contradistinction to its modest stature, has its sights set on taking over my shady garden... introduce it to your garden with your eyes wide open (I find it amusing that the Heronswood catalogue offers humile and describes it as "rare"... they haven't toured my garden). Polygonatum falcatum is also called Japanese Solomon's seal, and that seems a more fitting name, as it is very common in that country. A number of clones are commercially available with variegated foliage, but as is often seen with plant varieties coming from Japan, the prices are in the "gulp" range... something to do with the yen/dollar exchange rate, I guess.
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I live in Minnesota and the park where we go hiking and biking has them growing wild. Perhaps not in abundance but they are certainly there. I've tried photographing them in the past and have never been happy with my results.

I saw some yesterday in fact but as I was in a hurry - didn't get the camera out.

They are lovely - very fairy-like.
Me... you know they ARE hard to photograph, without flopping down on your stomach in the dirt, and pointing your camera up in the air... I seldom get a decent picture of Solomon's seals.
I, too, have a hard time getting a good photo of my Solomon's Seals, and I'm not quite sure why. I just can't seem to capture what my eye sees.

This photo is FABULOUS and just what I try to do, but can't.
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