Sunday, June 10, 2007

Aroids, Part XIII... Arisaema Galeatum

Galea means "helmet" in Latin, and the spathe on Arisaema galeatum certainly reminds one of a thick, tight helmet covering the spadix (Jack). The impressive part of this plant, though, is the ganormous (yah, I just made up that word) leaf stalk and leaf with three leaflets; the stalk is over three feet tall, and the total leaf a good two feet across, with very thick substance. This baby needs some elbow room.
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I like the figured patterning in the back of the inside hood.
your photography is spectacular...a macro I presume? Thanks for sharing these as you've gotcha some skills.

Ki... me too.

Barrie... you know, I don't have a macro. what I've got is a really good camera with a crappy cheap lens (the opposite of what you're supposed to do). I just haven't gotten around to getting a macro... maybe this winter.
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