Thursday, June 07, 2007

Aroids, Part XII

Arisaema angustatum v. peninsulae hails from east Asia: Manchuria, Korea, and Japan. Its flowers are rather modest, somewhat resembling a small version of the green form of our native A. triphyllum. The leaves are quite nice though, being two in number, each leaf with digitate leaflets, and its seed heads have large red "berries"... last fall I had a nice seed head that I was going to split up and plant, but I set it on a bench in the garden and it disappeared. If a bird carried it off, perhaps a neighbor gardener is going to be puzzling over a very odd plant popping up in their flower bed. Angustatum must be one of the hardier Asian Jacks, and seems very easy, though I've read that it is a moisture lover. My plant is just stuck in an azalea bed and seems happy enough.
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