Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Aroids, Part XI

For those who like the jungle look in their garden, there is Arisaema fargesii from China. It's tripartite leaves (with three leaflets) are... well, they're huge! The flowers are on separate stalks at the base, being deeply cowled and dramatically striped. My plant is developing nicely into a clump, so it seems reasonably easy to please.
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You must have about the largest private collection of Arisaemas in the country! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I've enjoyed looking at them even if they diminish my puny collection of jacks.

I thought I only had two plants but two more came up and they are huge. One stands about 2 feet tall which is quite amazing to me. I thought jacks were always small plants.
Ki... I dunno; I'm not even sure I have the biggest collection of Jacks in Iowa... there is a fellow in Ames west of here that must have a monster collection.
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