Saturday, June 02, 2007

Aroids, Part VIII

If Pinellia cordata isn't the epitome of cute, then I don't know what cute is... a tiny, creepy-crawly plant from China with silver-veined, purple-backed leaves, and little Jack in the pulpit-like flowers that smell of ripe pineapple. The flowers are yellowish green, with a very long spadix (tail). This plant spreads ever-so-slowly, but does also form small leaf bulbils (you can see one starting to form at the base of the nearest leaf).
I'm trying to get P. cordata spread about under some of the large Asian Jack in the pulpits, but it's slow going; this is not a plant that's exactly going to take over the garden, and it does not like to be cooked by the sun. Although admittedly there is a lot to see in our garden, I don't think we've ever had a garden visitor spy this tiny aroid on their own, but they all fuss over it when it's pointed out.
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VERY cute! Can you plant the bulbils? Do they sprout on their own if you just let them drop in place?
Lisa... You can, and it will! it doesn't spread as fast as some pinellias, but spread it does.
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