Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Little Darlings

Two of the cutest little primroses that we grow are Primula yuparensis (top) and Primula rosea (bottom). The former is native to the mountains of Japan, the latter to the Himalayas, so needless to say they like cool, moist, but well drained spots... a short commodity in the broiling, often drought-parched summers of Iowa. I don't do much watering in the garden, relying on good soil, lots of mulch, shade from the trees, and the strong desire of plants to somehow survive. These two little gems are an exception; if ever they dry out, they are G-O-N-E. Fortunately each of the plants is small enough to fit under a teacup... and a teacup is just how much water they need.
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now i have drool on my keyboard...thanks Iboy.
GGG... are you sure my garden picture caused that drooling???
Fairly certain of it. ;)
i have to be really careful not to drool on my keyboard; it's always got cat hair all over it from P.J. the cat sprawling on it (she likes to lay in front of the keyboard while I'm on the computer)... wet cat hair would really gum things up.
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