Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Orchis Spectabilis... Feel Good Garden Story

Orchis (now Galearis) spectabilis, the showy orchis, is one of the most beautiful of our little native terrestrial orchids. With its waxy green leaves, delicate pink and white flowers, and sweet scent, it is always a thrill to see growing in the moist and shady ravines it calls home. However, a combination of garlic mustard invasion, and heavy deer browsing had almost completely wiped it out of our woods. In order to garden, an acre of our land has been fenced in, and tens of thousands of garlic mustard plants removed... now the little showy orchis is everywhere, even popping up in our flower beds, nonchalantly growing next to hostas and azaleas as if it was planted there. Not a bad weed...
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Gorgeous! And congrats to you... I have enough trouble with my little patch of garlic mustard (my neighbors don't pull theirs). I can't imagine fighting a whole acre of the stuff.
kim... plus, I take care of a forty acre woodland preserve, where i've been pulling gm three days a week. tired puppy.
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