Thursday, May 03, 2007

Now For Something Less Subtle...

It seems I'm always making a big fuss about some tiny plant that a sparrow might step on, but our garden is not really all subtlety and sophistication; we do have the occasional floozy or stoplight plant. Take Hosta Fire Island, bursting out of the ground in all its chartreuse-chrome yellow glory (I swear I've not in any way altered the above picture... this isn't a flower catalogue). What do you think... maybe some pink geraniums around it?
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Either geraniums, or if sunlight is an issue, how about some hot pink impatiens?
Hey, Don. Great pictures! I am from Davenport and I also have an outdoor/photo blog. At this point I have mostly animals, but I do intend on adding more flowers and such as they bloom.

Would you be interested in exchanging links? My blog is at

I have added you on my left sidebar. Thanks!
mmmm how about some dark leaved coleus?
Lisa... Now you're talkin'!

Nickie... actually that sounds cool.

Moe... Done! Usually when people ask to trade links I flinch a little (you'd be amazed at the blogs that have requested a trade) but in your case, I'm impressed! Very nice pictures. I know a bunch of interesting characters in QC... a lot of river rats.
Hot pink? How about red! Dark cherry red... like one of those floozy hybrid cardinalflowers' leaves.

What DO you have around it?
Actually, I have one of those deep-bronze rodgersias behind it. yikes!
iboy - Thanks! I appreciate the link.

I lived in Iowa City for 5 years and loved every minute of it. You have a pretty nice river there yourself!
If it's in deciduous shade, how about an early bulb, which won't mind being shaded out later, and whose fading foliage will benefit from hiding?
Perhaps a tulip, or Chionodoxa? Alternately, Astilbes look good with Hostas, and share cultural requirements, and often have panicles in the red-purple (or even red-orange) shade which would contrast well with this Hosta.
oh, my eyes. That is really nice and , um, yellow! Maybe a nice bleeding heart? ;)
Actually... I think that the rodgersia will look cool. You're off to a... blazing... good start!
dw... I've been thinking about some muscaris, as some of them bloom late enough to cincide with the hosta coming up.
Molly...I don't think I've got room for a bleeding heart (already have two other hostas, and the above named rodgersia planted in this little spot.
Kim... well, I think it looks nice, too... but rodgersias can be thugs.
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