Friday, May 18, 2007

A Modest Goal...

My goal for our woodland garden has been to have it chock full of plants that are interesting all through the growing season... with engaging foliage and lovely flowers; with plants that come from intriguing places, or if they are hybrids, that have a good story behind their breeding. This would seem a modest goal... an acre of thousands of wonderful plants from all over the world, living in harmony, and providing interest everywhere you look. Reality is a tougher nut than daydreaming, but as our garden matures, there are glimmers of hope, with plants like Tricyrtis Lemon Twist. It is a hybrid of two species, ohsumiensis and flava; it has fabulous, spotted green leaves that are very thick and waxy, and then spotted yellow flowers... now, just 2,346 more plants to go to meet my goal.
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