Monday, May 07, 2007

If The Slipper Fits...

We have quite a variety of ladyslipper orchids growing in our garden, and they are all beautiful and healthy, but one of them has really made itself at home; the native, large-flowered yellow ladyslipper (Cypripedium parviflorum v. pubescens).
I haven't counted them lately, but would estimate we have about fifty plants now; every couple of years I have to divide up a colony, to give them room to grow. They seem to be a good fit in our garden; the bottom picture shows a plant with two flowers on its stalk.
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The pictures are wonderful. I have several clumps that have limped along for several years.
When do you divide the clumps and how big does the clump have to be?
Hey, if you ever have too many orchids, let me know! I'll take some off your hands ;)

Great pics.
Fifty plants must make quite some display when all the orchid are blooming! I read somewhere that this is the one to grow for the beginner as it was least likely to die. I think the pink ones (sorry don't know the name) were listed as the most difficult.
Philip... no special size; I just divide them when the clump gets too big for for its spot (the climp above has 12 stems, so maybe next fall, at (probably) 20 stems it will need to be divided.
Moe... I'll get back to you :)
Ki... yes, the yellow is the easiest, and the pink acaule impossible unless you live in a spot that's naturally host to them... soil fungi, acid soil, climate, etc.
Lovely, lovely, just lovely!
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