Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cypripedium X andrewsii

Cypripedium X andrewsii (Andrew's cypripedium), is a widely occuring natural hybrid between Cypripedium parviflorum v. parviflora (the small-flowered yellow ladyslipper) and Cypripedium candidum (the white ladyslipper), so it has precious little flowers, with a brown-striped white pouch, and brown sepals and petals... just delightful. I have this planted in a small, protected ravine, with wood anemones surrounding it.
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That's a beautiful shot of that flower. Can you find these in your normal flower shop?
It may be small but it sure is a beautiful orchid. Coming upon one of these must surely make your day if not the whole week! I'm green with envy.
moe... only a few specialty mailorder places would carry it (very few).

Ki... it's a beauty, for sure.

How beautiful! What a joy it must be to take a stroll through your spring garden! They look very happy in your garden.
I must say, the ladyslippers do quite well here; we are on a hillside, and many of them like good drainage. I have several more types I haven't shown.
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