Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Aroids, Part VII

Arisaema costatum grows naturally at higher elevations in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet and Nepal. It's a large, tropical-looking Jack in the pulpit, growing up to three feet tall, with a wide three part leaf that can be two to three feet across. The flower is strikingly striped in burgundy and white, and deeply cowled. The biggest attraction is that the spadix ends in a long, thread-like tail that hangs all the way to the ground. Certain plants in the garden are "event plants" that you eagerly anticipate every year; this is one of them.
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Hi there, I've really been enjoying your Aroid series and learning a great deal along the way. This one is a real beauty, and I can see why you so look forward to it blooming! Speaking of "event plants" our Drcunculus vulgaris finally opened up overnight and was the first thing I saw when I opened the blinds this morning. Talk about a thrilling surprise... it is definitely our "event plant" of the year around here!
Nice! Does the "hood" open any further than that? Looks like he's just sticking out his tongue for one long Bronx cheer!
IVV... you have dracunculus? I've grown it for a few years but haven't yet felt confident about its long-term hardiness... is yours in a warm spot or anything special?

Lisa... there is a small opening in the flower, but just enough to see into it.

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