Thursday, May 24, 2007

Aroids Part IV

The genus pinellia is a small genus of up to only ten species of plants, all of which are just a little odd; Pinellia peltata is one of the oddest. Peltate refers to leaves which are often shield-like, and attached by the petiole (leaf stem) away from the edge of the leaf (that is, more towards the center) so they are held up like... well, like shields. The inflorescence of this little aroid is an incongruous bright greenish yellow, with a long spadix (tongue).
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That's quite a "tongue"...reminds me of a chameleon going after a fly!
These plants are slowly finding there way to many Seattle woodland gardens. I'll have to try to see if I can find a spot in my yard for one.
Lisa... you know, you're exactly right1

Bob... just be sure you don't plant ternata; and for your area, probably not petatisecta (unless you want a LOT of pinellias)!
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