Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Aroids Part II

Our next aroid is Pinellia tripartita 'atropurpurea'... the waxy green leaf, no surprise, has three leaflets, and the inside of the spathe is maroon instead of the usual green. Pinellias are enormously interesting little jack in the pulpit wannabees. Some of them are vigorous seeders to the point of being nuisances, but atropurpurea is relatively well-behaved, though will form a nice colony. It reblooms for a very long time in the early summer, and is just a terrific little plant.
I have this planted on the side of a shaded ravine where you climb some stairs, so that it is more at eye level, so easier to appreciate... though a modest little plant, I will make a special trip across the bridge and up the stairs just to see it blooming.
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NICE!! You sure have an awesome collection of aroids!
Lisa... More coming.
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