Saturday, April 14, 2007


Ah, nothing like new, green grass and a spot of afternoon sun to make a body feel good. Let's count the deer: one... two... three... umm...hmm!
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Oh deer! ;-) I thought I saw a puddytat. I did, I did!
~Quiet spirit~ That's what I see!
Oh yes and a kitty!Beautiful!
NG from Canada
I like the short furry dear ;) on the fence. We have those here in Michigan as well.
That's incredible! You always seem to get the best shots!
Our little cat P.J. likes hanging with the deer, but if they challenge her by stamping their leg, she'll charge them... very odd.
Likely that P.J. knows that this is HER territory...regardless of size difference. (I'm sure the fact that they're herbivores helps, too.)
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