Friday, April 27, 2007

Primula Algida... A Guest In Our Garden

So-called "birds-eye" primroses, tend to not be overly fond of our hot, muggy summers (a kind way of saying they melt). Sometimes, however, members of difficult plant groups that are endemic to the Caucusus, as opposed to a glacier-cooled moraine in the high Alps, do survive here... they are used to hot summers and cold winters. I therefore have some hope for Primula algida, which grows in alpine meadows in that rugged area. However, I've not made a permanent label for it just yet... it's still on guest visa.
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That's a lovely primula! I know what you mean about trying to get them to thrive in our climate... I've finally (just this last year) managed to get a nice clump of primula polyanthus going near our house, after seeing them melt and disappear again and again over the years. This time they seem to be happy though, and will be appearing soon over at my place.

This is an impressive one, and I'd like to hear more about how it does as the weather gets hotter and muggier... if you can make it grow there, I'll be looking for one to add to our collection!
Now there's something that would do well for me! We have cool summers up here-in fact, it's brisk enough to need a campfire nearly every night...I need to try this primrose for sure!
I just bought a primula marked algida but it looks rather like a shorter elatior, with those creamy yellow tube-shaped florets. Is there such a thing as a yellow algida? Web photos show only pink and white. Thanks.
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