Wednesday, April 25, 2007

If You Like Purple... Epimedium Purple Prince

If you are partial to rich purple flowers, Epimedium Purple Prince would be to your liking; the center of the flower is almost blackish purple; like crushed blackberries. The new foliage is also nice, with pinkish overtones. I have this flowering right in back of a clump of white flowered erythroniums (dog tooth violets), and the effect is smashing.
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How do you take such great pictures of Epimediums? The wind make it difficult by making the tiny flowers dance. And stooping so low to get at eye level makes my back hurt unless I want to get dirty and lie on the ground.

Wonderful dark purple color on the Prince. BTW, my Shrimp Girl has buds so hopefully I'll have mastered photographing epimediums when it blooms. Funny I did a Google image search for Shrimp Girl and came up with nothing.
Ki... well, I just get down there and get my knees dirty. Epimediums ARE really hard to take good pictures of: the flowers are all at different "depths" from the camera, so it's hard to get a good focus.
I always love your photos. Purple Prince is stunning. I'll have to look for that one at the plant sale tomorrow.
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