Sunday, April 22, 2007

Berry, Berry Nice!

Epimedium Cherry Tart might just be the single loveliest epimedium when in flower; soft red petals with a light gold heart, and crushed rasberry foliage... I haven't made up my mind whether I think it should be called Rasberry Tart or whether Cherry Tart is more apt. Either way, it's truely lovely.
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Very pretty epi. Of all the epimedium blooms I've seen and not that many at all I'd have to agree that this one has a wonderful color. I just bought a 'Shrimp girl' and wonder how it will compare with this flower? I don't even see any buds yet so I'll have to wait a bit unless you have a photo of one.
Ki... I've got Shrimp Girl, but I don't think I've got a picture of it; it's more of a salmon pink (well, shrimp pink), and while nice, it's not nearly as pretty as Cherry Tart IMHO.
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