Thursday, March 29, 2007

Juliana Primroses

The juliana primroses are all starting to open now; small to tiny plants with an amazing spectrum of flower colors (go to my post of 5/6/06 to learn what a juliana primrose is, then report back). I freely confess I am gaga over these cool little plants; most of them are wonderfully (and surprisingly) hardy here... I'll show more varieties as they bloom.
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Whew. What a dissertation on the Primulas x juliana last year. I've recently been motivated to try some in my rock garden after a talk by a member in our NARGS chapter. But the entire genus has been confusing enough that I didn't want to share the little shade I had. Now the trees are more mature so I think I'll give them a try. I'll see what I can find locally in plant sales and then find some seeds.

One comment slightly off topic. Though I subscribe to your RSS feed, I sometimes skip the text because of the readability in my feedreader. It would help if you broke up your text with paragraphs.

-Green Fingers
You primroses are beautiful!
Lisa... thanks, darling.

Anony... thanks for the tip about paragraphing with RSS; I didn't know that, and will do it.
Wow. I love the primroses.
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