Friday, March 30, 2007


The hellebores are blooming up and down the trails that meander through our wooded garden; here are pictures of some of the blooms. Many of them are un-named "grab bag" plants that I bought through the mail, and a few are even my own seedlings all grown up, so not all are really beautiful, but all are really interesting.
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What a fabuloso ruffle on that pink one. Wow!
Jenn... that's a Heronswood double pink strain (the only expensive, named one I have).
A bloom so lovely this early in the year is worth the price.
Wanda... well, I must confess I paid $35 for it (that was when hellebores were first coming out, and they were quite expensive). Now you can get a whole binch for that price (though smaller plants).
For more about Hellebores:
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