Monday, March 19, 2007

Eranthis Pinnatifida

A few days ago I showed Eranthis stellata, and opined that I couldn't imagine a more delicate little flower blooming in the open in our garden... that was before it's cousin from the mountains of Japan, Eranthis pinnatifida, opened its wee blooms. I especially like the metallic-lavender centers of these small, white flowers. The little collarette of greyish green leaves will expand slightly with time, but still, the whole effect is liliputian. It's easy for a diminutive plant like this to get 'lost" in a garden setting; I really need to find a nice, grey rock to place behind it to set it off. The temperatures at night have been down to twenty degrees with heavy frost, so Eranthis pinnatifida is tougher than it looks.
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Sigh. I guess I'd better add Asiatica to my list of must-have catalogs.
Don, The primula is p. vulgaris 'Marie Crousse'. It needs to be divided this fall. Care to swap?
Just want to let you know how much I've been enjoying your photos of these unusual spring bloomers. I've never heard of the Eranthis species; I only have the "common" E. hyemalis in my garden. Would these be considered "rock garden" plants?
I like this better than E. stellata. The dusky blue carpels? are quite striking. Thanks for the photo.
I am loving these pictures, too... but will not be allowing myself to investigate any of these beautiful plants further. I'm seeing where it leads as more and more of these rare bulb pictures show up on your blog... ;)
Molly... you know what, i've got Marie, but mine has kind of insipid, pale lavender flowers. Maybe it's in too much Sun?
Xris... yah, both of these little eranthis are considered rock garden plants (according to the Scottish Rock Garden Club).
Ki... I agree, I like this one better.
Kathy & Kim... oh, you don't HAVE to eat; your flower budget will go WAY up!
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