Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cyclamen Coum

Although I've been gardening longer than most of the readers of this page have been breathing, every spring I am surprised when Cyclamen coum starts blooming. The small flower buds just seem to sneak up through the leaf litter, and one day you suddenly notice what looks like numerous bright little sparks of fire floating above the brown leaves. These sparks unfurl their petals, and the flowers gaily dance in the breeze, in shades of color ranging from deep magenta to pink to white. Perhaps part of the surprise is that this plant, native to areas around the Black Sea, survives here, and in fact thrives here. In spite of growing Cyclamen coum for many years, I've somehow never been completely at ease with it; I keep expecting it to disappear. You'd think the little seedlings which appear here and there would be reassuring... I guess I've never entirely been able to separate in my mind, the small, hardy garden cyclamens from the large, overblown hothouse variety. We have, I think, about five different species of cyclamens in the garden now, and I mean to try perhaps two or three others. On a sunny, crisp March day, there are few things finer than getting down on the garden path and looking closely at the perfect little flowers of Cyclamen coum.
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Do you have the fall blooming, too?
What great color those blooms have, too. I'm 31... have you really been gardening longer? :)
whenever I see one blooming in a garden like yours I'm always amazed. I too think it's because the retail trade has mad the greenhouse ones seem disposable.
Jennifer... I do have fall blooming hederifolium.

Kim... I've been gardening about 35 years, I guess, starting with some pots of orchids that I bought when I lived in San Francisco.

Brown... when I visit areas that can grow large cyclamens outside, I really don't care much for them... they just don't ever look like they fit in.
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