Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spring Redux

After having snowdrops blooming in January, we entered a wasteland of seemingly unending cold and ice, with the temperature not rising above freezing for three weeks. Now, the sun has returned, warmer and higher in the sky, and the garden is re-emerging; large rocks are just showing their noses above the snowline in most parts of the garden, but in a few select spots that are on protected south-facing slopes, clumps of Galanthus elwesii, the early snowdrop, have miraculously shed their blanket of snow and raised their noses to the sun. It is like a second spring, and hopefully will be the real thing this time. But weather in Iowa is fickle at best, and March often sees our worst blizzards; the worst March snowstorm I remember was in my boyhood and saw snow so deep that people tied red cloth to their car radio aerials so that they could see each other coming at intersections. So, I will enjoy this February thaw... but I'll not put away the snow shovels. Posted by Picasa

I refuse to believe we could ever go back to that. In my mind and on my thermometer, we only go up!!
Sissy... that's the old attitude... delusional as it may be!
Hooray for the snowdrops! Here, too, March is uncertain. And, our weather is also improving, thank goodness! Although, like you, I'm not convinced winter is past...
GG... they are predicting an ice/snow storm here next weekend. Sigh!
Yeah, and how many people have radio aerials these days?
Kathy... you know, I thought about explaining how cars used to have tall aerials; I hate it when you get older and have to explain half the stuff you're talking about, because it doesn't exist anymore!
I'm glad your snowdrops are doing fine after being covered by ice and snow. That gives me hope for my daffodils that have yet to re-emerge. My NJ yard is still covered with a layer of ice.

My kids always ask, "Where's the TV?" when they get into other people's cars. Aerials would completely baffle them.
Anthony... I hope your daffys are ok... I always worry when we get a lot of ice, that bulbs may rot, but if you've got good drainage you should be fine.
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