Wednesday, February 28, 2007

primula sieboldii

More pictures of Primula sieboldii from last spring.
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Primula's are such lovely plants. Thanks for the lovely pictures.
Yolanda... I appreciate your comments. If I lived in a more temperate climate, my garden would be filled with different kinds of primroses; I'd have to say they are my single favorite plant.
You know... I usually don't like primroses, I have to confess that. There is a country-garden feel to a bed near the building where I work where they make me smile for a week or so out of the year, but otherwise, eh.

That ragged-edged, snowflake-like white bloom on the last one, though? Gorgeous--I love it! Do you know a cultivar name for it? And do the flowers tend to droop (I see your hand holding it upright) or is that just a stem that's been bent somehow?
Kim... It doesn't have a cultivar name; I just bought it as white sieboldii. They normally aren't floppy; this one was too crowded and shaded right under a shrub that was getting bigger, so was floppy, with long stems. You can buy sieboldii's specifically for the fimbriated petals so they do look like snowflakes.
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