Friday, February 02, 2007

The Empty Canvas... And The Paints

"So what?" you say; a picture of a snow-covered, brush-choked, nondescript little slope. Well, to me it's a precious commodity; an area in our wooded garden that is a south sloping hillside in full sun... or it will be such if I clear a ton of brush off the slope and clean out the poison ivy growing all over it... and somehow move a six foot deer fence to safely incorporate this irregular slope into the garden. This sunny spot is the parting gift of a huge elm tree that died of Dutch elm disease, and I intend to make use of this gift... someday soon. I am gradually developing this area of the garden, and hope to make this slope an early spring bulb garden. This winter I've been looking at pictures of crocuses and small bulbous irises that are already blooming in milder climates... what colors! I just need an area with full sun in order to grow them myself. I can see it now; I have the empty canvas... I just need the paints.Posted by Picasa

That's the perfect canvas for your paints! Be sure to post a pic when those paints are blooming!!
Linnie... I will; check back in... oh, maybe four years (see my posts on my babbling brook, which has been in the planning stage for about six years).
Looks like a great site. Here in the burbs everything is very flat. The empty field behind our home was being developed for new homes and they bulldozed dirt creating several 8-10 feet high berms on the perimeter of the property. I told the contractor that they should keep the berms as they gave the property some character and variation from the usual flatness as well as some privacy. He said the township wouldn't allow him to do that. Everything for homogeneity.
Ki... wow, that's really too bad you couldn't keep the berms... what great gardening sites they would have been!
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