Monday, February 26, 2007

Buy Me!

Enough of wintermania; I just realized I posted two almost identical entries complaining about winter... I am becoming my uncle Bob. He's been gone for quite a few years, but I primarily remember him for two things; he liked gizzard sandwiches, and he ALWAYS complained about the weather. It could be a glorious, kite-flying spring day, and he'd think it was too windy.
Instead, let me sell you some spring plants... plants that I just don't think you can live another year without having in your garden. For example: Primula juliana... the original species (Primula juliae) is from the Caucasus Mountains (which is a mountain range that unsuspecting Liz is going to get hauled off to some day, to see the wildflowers). In commerce, most of the plants offered are usually hybrids of juliae, rather than the true original species, so are called julianas (the best known being the Wanda series), but they are all wonderful; small, hardy, early-blooming, and covered with darling flowers, often to the point that you can hardly see the foliage. I probably have fifty varieties of these, all in all, and yet every spring when they are blooming I think I should add a couple more; easy to do when a mature plant can fit under a tea cup when in bloom. Trust me... you will be a better, happier person if you purchase this plant for your garden this spring.
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And can you get them in any old big box store or garden center? And if not, why do you get us drooling over some gorgeous plant without suggesting at least one place to buy it?
Hey... it's what I do best! (try Arrowhead Alpines).
But what's it *really* called? I mean the common name. It doesn't look familiar to me. And can it grow in Zone 4?
I love 'em...they just don't love here too well. I've kept a cowslip for a few years (hope it's back this year)...I think they don't like our hot summers? I did plant a couple "special" ones last year....we shall see if they made it (fingers crossed).

Anyway, you sold me! (But then, I'm easy...) Lol!
sally & GG... the juliana types are quite hardy. Basically they are P. juliana, crossed with other primrose species (usually vulgaris) and more heat hardy, because juliana comes from fairly far south. See my two posts of March 22, 2006 for a full discussion... they are described under a number of names: Primula juliana, juliana primroses, Wanda, Wanda types, pruhonicas, etc. If you want a REALLY heat hardy primrose, consider P. sieboldii, which goes dormant in hot weather (it's sometimes called "the beginner's primrose); I'll feature it soon.
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