Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Basket Case

As the snow continues to swirl down, blown into drifts, and into every nook and cranny by the unremitting, subzero north wind, I'm getting, shall we say...edgy? Sitting inside, staring out the window at the snow sailing by, a bag of Cheetos in one hand and a Pepsi in the other, is getting to me (and my waistline). I am an outdoor person in an indoor season. Normally I'm outdoors almost as much during the winter as during the summer: trimming and hauling brush, repairing fences, and the like. Maybe I'm just getting soft, but the last couple of weeks have pretty much driven me inside. I do need to get out and buy a couple bags of chips, though. Posted by Picasa

Yes, I'm going quite, quite mad as well. I did sign up for a class on February 24th, though. If you are interested, the web site is


and click on "Nursery School".

I'm going to go buy some cut flowers tomorrow if it's the last thing I do.

Kitten and Snowy say Hi to PJ.

LOVE Cheetos...that's why I can't have 'em in the house. Lose every bit of self control over those things!

Try to think positive thoughts...Spring is coming, Spring is coming, Spring IS coming!!!
Thanks Kim & Linnie... all I know is, it better warm up soon. Unfortunately, the last long-term forecast I saw made it sound like it will stay cold through the rest of the month... YUK! The sign of a long winter around here... yellow, cheese-stained fingersa.
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