Monday, January 29, 2007

San Antonio Botanical Center

Another field trip we took this last year was to San Antonio; our main purpose was to escape the snow of late March in Iowa; of course we arrived in San Antonio on a day that set the all-time record for cold there for that date, with the temperature dropping that night below freezing... I was glad I took lots of shorts and t-shirts along for the trip. It did slowly warm up, and one day we toured the San Antonio Botanical Center. I'm a great one for taking off and walking everywhere, even in big cities (which has led to many adventures of widely varying merit), but I was glad I passed on hoofing it to the garden, as our cab driver, a colorful character, regaled us with stories about what he called Hooker Park that we would have had to walk through to get to the garden. The Botanical Garden itself is quite lovely, being built on the old waterworks, with an abandoned rock quarry being incorporated into it. The garden is stronger in landscaping than in individual unusual plants; there is great emphasis on xeriscaping, due to the dryness of the area. Posted by Picasa

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