Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chihuly In St. Louie

This last fall, Liz and I went to St. Louis to see the Chihuly glass exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Chihuly glass (from the studio of the same name) is of course world famous; the pieces might be called free-form glass sculptures. Most of them are large, very brightly colored, with swooping, intertwined and flowing glass that look like biological forms from another planet. Many of the exhibitions have been in public gardens, where the glass pieces are integrated into the foliage of the garden. At the Missouri Botanical Garden, most of the pieces (and these pictures) were from inside the glass climatron dome, while a few, as above, were outside. These pictures probably show 10% of the displays. If you ever have the chance to see one of these Chihuly exhibitions, by all means go... a few pictures cannot communicate how captivating this show really was. Tomorrow: more from the garden, and we inadvertently tour East St. Louis at night.Posted by Picasa

Hi Don;

I saw some of this glass in Seattle this summer and didn't want to leave the exhibit. I always wanted to learn to work with glass but I'm afraid it's quite far down on the list. With the number of moose we have here now, it wouldn't do too well anyplace outside as there is little that disturbs those animals.

George Africa
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