Friday, December 15, 2006

Wheelbarrow Arrows

Woodland gardens require a lot of winter cleanup, and today I was picking up fallen branches, being especially careful to gather all the limbs that have fallen from the thorny honey locusts. They are like some medieval spiked weapon, lying there, partially covered by leaves, waiting for the unsuspecting gardener to run his wheelbarrow over them. I cannot begin to guess how many trips to the tire shop I have had to make, to repair the punctures from these thorns. There are several of these dark, moody trees in the area of woods that comprises the garden, and on more than one occasion (usually while standing there listening to the air hiss out of yet another punctured tire) I have thought about cutting them all down, but I've always relented, as there is a certain timeless dignity about them; they look as if they have been standing there for ages, quietly absorbing the wear and tear of survival. I have a honey locust, to good effect, backing up our near seven foot tall gargoyle... the thorns of the honey locust seem to make some kind of statement in this setting. As I have previously related, the gargoyle is named Uboughtwhat, as that is what my wife said (with some incredulity) when she first heard what I had gone off and bought. Her reaction may have been understandable, as I think it was not too long before her Mother's church group was scheduled to tour the garden. I've ceased revealing just what the gargoyle cost, as I've inexplicably not found that others share my belief that the gargoyle was a raging bargain at the price. Posted by Picasa

I am sorry, Don, but unless your friend came with a free Buick, you paid too much, sir!!
Sissy... you women all stick together!
I don't know about that--I think it's pretty cool. But then, I've always dug a guy with a mohawk. *grin*

How tall is that?
Kim... If you include the base, he's just short of seven feet to the tip of his wings.
Yikes I would hate to come upon that at dusk or dawn.
Ki... you know, I used to have a red spotlight on it that would turn on at dusk, but when I moved the gargoyle, I didn't hook it up again... it was quite spooky at night (I had a white light on our angel).
Don, I love that idea--the red light on the gargoyle and the white light on the angel! lol.
I say the gargoyle is a bargain at ANY price! Very cool!
I love the gargoyle, and he's such a nice foil for your angel Hernia. Perfect.

But I'm a fan of gargoyles and all manner of medieval beasties.
Lisa & Jenn... I'll have you talk with Liz. In addition to the lights, I thought of hanging a wind chime high up in the locust tree over the gargoyle; I thought it would be kind of creepy if there was a breeze at night.
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