Friday, December 29, 2006

A Six Glove Year

As the year winds down, I always do a garden walkaround to measure what I accomplished... if there is snow on the ground (not a problem this year) it can be difficult to appreciate. However, every year it still gets harder; as the garden gets more mature, small improvements tend to blur into what's already there. I therefore have to rely somewhat on a more subtle measuring stick; you see, this was a six glove year... that is, I wore out six gloves (three pairs). That would be a middling year, but I'm in a middling time of life; no more dawn to dusk workathons for me, hauling rocks the size of wheelbarrows, and dragging railroad ties through the woods. I would say, though, that I buy better quality gloves these days, so they last longer. Still, I do notice that my jeans wear out in the seat now, not the knees. Posted by Picasa

Never wear gloves. I might, if I had to haul rocks, though!
Sissy... boy, my hands would be bit to heck, if I didn't wear gloves, but I'm kind of a constructo-freak, always digging and hauling.
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