Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Plant Labels

With the large variety of plants in our garden, some type of easily readable, semi-permanent label is a must. Unfortunately early on I tended to rely on the plastic labels which came with the plants; these either faded with time, or were heaved out of the ground by freeze-thaw cycles in the winter, so that a fair number of these plants are now called something like "pretty purple primrose with a yellow throat." I currently use a soft aluminum label, which you can write on with a pen, but these tend to get bent up, so I now glue them to a piece of wood to protect them. I have a lot of very small woodland plants planted close together, and actually these labels can then be a bit obtrusive; some of the beds look sort of like a miniature used car lot, with all the labels fluttering back and forth in the breeze. I've thought about switching to a system of numbering the plants, which would allow me to go to much smaller labels, perhaps even something that would be flush with the ground, but I can envision problems with that, too. Posted by Picasa

We wanted to put labels on plants and have not found a good solution either. We haven't even found a good way to mark bulbs and perennials that die completely and leave no trace in the spring.
We keep digging things up inadvertently, thinking we found an empty spot that would be perfect for a new plant. Let me know if you come across a durable, easy and nice looking solution...not too much to ask for, right?
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