Saturday, December 23, 2006

Epimedium latisepalum... The Hunk.

One tends to think of epimediums as being rather delicate; small plants with small flowers, that are sometimes called "angel wings". If, however, you had Epimedium latisepalum in your garden, you might be dissuaded from thinking epimediums are fragile. Here it is, almost the end of the year, and the thick, crinkly leaves of this plant are still fully green and growing. It is classified as an evergreen epimedium, though admittedly it's leaves will get ratty looking if and when we eventually get down below zero, with frozen ground... we've been down to eight above so far, and the ground hasn't frozen solid at any time, so this is not your usual Iowa winter. Still, it's quite impressive seeing this plant in full leaf, and likely to remain so well into the new year. It is an epimedium that was only "discovered" a little over ten years ago, and is sometimes called the Chinese epimedium, with very large, white flowers, in scale with its large, leathery leaves. Posted by Picasa

Has yours flowered yet? Any chance you have a pic of the bloom?
MrBT... this was its first full year in the garden, and I just had a few blooms last spring, so didn't take a picture; they were large, slightly creamy white, with a yellow throat, as I recall, but next spring I'll try to remember to get and post a picture, if it blooms better.
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