Sunday, December 31, 2006


One of the more interesting aspects of having a blog, is perusing the search engine topics that people type into their computer, who then end up getting shuffled over to An Iowa Garden (much to their surprise). Many bloggers apparently make a point of trying to use key words in their blog postings ( like such and such a movie star) that will be picked up by search engines and show up on Googlers' search lists. I've contrarily tried to avoid this; I'm just naturally crusty, and anyway the people who show up looking for pictures of Elvis touring our garden tend to be somewhat surly when they discover they've come up empty. I therefore should have known better when I recently did an innocent little piece on the bark being stripped off one of our cherry trees, and used the term "squirrel sex" in the title, and referred to "fat squirrels waddling". All I've got to say to the unusual folks who have shown up unexpectedly in our garden this last week, is "Welcome, sorry about the squirrel story... and, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves!"
The blog will now be undergoing steam cleaning.

Happy New Year Don:)
Beverly... and to you!
What? Elvis isn't here?
Sissy... did I say Elvis? I meant Elvin.
And use a good disinfectant while you are at it. I've found people getting to my site with very strange searches and ideas as well. Just don't answer when they knock and maybe they will go away.
Carol... I just try to keep thinking "they're just folks like me"... who happen to have a very strange hobby.
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