Thursday, December 14, 2006

Breakfast Coffee

Out to the garden early this morning on an unseasonably warm, sunny day for mid-December. The crows on the far ridge were raising a ruckus, so I thought there was probably a red-tailed hawk or a barred owl in the vicinity, but then the geese on the pond joined in, so I then really had no idea what was going on (not a unique situation around here). In walking about the meandering garden pathways through the woods, I was most struck by the shiny foliage on the dark-leaved lepidote rhododendrons; ranging from reddish mahogany to deep black coffee; Ramapo is shown above. I can hardly wait for spring, when their dark foliage will be studded with bright pink or purple flowers, fluttering in the warm breezes like so many gaudy butterflies. Posted by Picasa

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