Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Party's Over

Our mild late fall is about to come to a crashing end. Yesterday it was a record high of 66 degrees here; by Friday night it will be 12 above, with snow showers and sleet. Today, I'm bringing in the statuary, and throwing bark mulch on a few tender things. The sky is dull gray, the north wind is just starting to kick up the dead leaves. The garden is a solemn place today, with the goldfish pond empty and dark. It's a good day to get out the Christmas lights.Posted by Picasa

Two days in a row! I have the same frog!!!
I discovered there is an entire family of these frogs, all cuter (?) than the others!
Sissy... Aha! Our gardens are starting to take on an uncanny similarity. I've seen the whole family (the rest are smaller), and they are indeed cute.
Take in the statuary? You don't mean Hernia, do you?
Kathy... Hernia definitely stays! I used to take in Uboughtwhat, but I leave him out now, too. I also leave a pair of cherubs. Everything else goes into the garage.
Wow, popular frog! I have the same one too. Here in NJ we're supposed to hit 70 degrees on Friday and then down to the 40ies for the weekend. I'm glad we aren't getting the snow showers and sleet that you're expecting.
Anthony... Someday, archeologists will puzzle over why these things are buried in old gardens all across the country.
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