Sunday, November 26, 2006

More Evergreen Epimediums

The evergreen epimediums in our garden continue to shine, with their varied and interesting foliage. Above is Epimedium latisepalum, one of the best epimediums, with very leathery, shiny fall foliage, with prickled edges. The flowers in spring are large and white. Below is Epimedium lishihchenii, which was only discovered in China a little over ten years ago. It is very hardy, with large white flowers in the spring. Posted by Picasa

Almost looks like holly, doesn't it??
Sissy... it does, and it FEELS almost like holly; very thick and leathery, with prickly edges. It's tough.
I wasn't aware that there were evergreen epis. You have an amazing collection. I'll have to look for these epis. Thanks for the info.
Ki... I like both the deciduous and the evergreen epimediums; the former get nice fall colors, and the latter stay in leaf all winter if we have snow cover, and they usually look good up until Christmas, so it gives you something nice and hopeful to look at in the garden. Some of the evergreens are very hardy and some aren't.
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