Thursday, November 16, 2006

Epimedium Yubae

Epimedium grandiflorum 'Yubae' (which is also sold as 'Rose Queen'), though only 18" high, is one of those plants that seems to strive to be noticed: in spring (shown below) the foliage looks like it has been dipped in raspberry juice, with flowers of bright mauve purple. The plant fades to a pleasant green in summer, but even then its upright structure, and crisp foliage are attractive. Then in fall the foliage (shown above) takes on autumn colors of pink, yellow, and apple green. I have Yubae planted in a hosta bed, right by a path, and have light blue muscari planted in front of it; it gets a lot of comments for such a small plant. Posted by Picasa

Your attention to detail is impressive, sir! A plant collection in my yard better be taller than that, (think Spruce), or it's forgotten!
I think your blog might be an inventory of your plants. Some, at least!
Sissy... well, let's see; if I blog about one epimedium every week, I'll have my inventory done in a year (assuming I don't buy any more).
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