Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Epimedium Cherry Tart

Epimedium x versicolor 'Cherry Tart' has leaves, that in the fall have accents that are... well, cherry red; they glow when the sun backlights them. The foliage has more of a reddish purple overlay in the spring, and as if that isn't enough red goodness, the flowers are a delicate pink with red spurs. The leaves stay on quite late in the fall, so this plant approaches that elusive four season plant even for us. Posted by Picasa

That name fits, doesn't it??!! Have you ever inventoried your plant collection, Don? You must have 100's, at least..!
Sissy... I don't have a master list; been saying I'd do it for years. Now the hard disc on my computer is so full, I cannot put one more program on it, ot it will explode; I'm getting a new computer next year, then hopefully will finally set up a master list. To give you a clue, somebody asked how many different epimediums I had, and yesterday I walked around, and counted 52 different ones, and probably missed a few.
Wow 52 epimediums! We bought a tiny plant some years ago and loved the dainty little flowers but somehow it either died or did not make the move to our new house. I missed it so much I bought three different varieties so I'm hoping they'll survive the winter. I don't see that this is a very much utilized plant here. I wonder why? It seems like a great plant to have imo.

As usual thanks for the wonderful photos.
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