Friday, November 24, 2006

An Early Christmas

In keeping with the holiday spirit, here are pictures of two different plants of Cyclamen coum that show the so-called "Christmas tree" pattern to their leaves, the green central patterning looking like a fir tree. This might be my favorite leaf pattern for hardy cyclamens, as it is so striking. In other gardens I have seen them with silver edging around the green center, and Ooh-la-la! Cyclamen lust is a dangerous condition. Posted by Picasa

Hi! I've succesfully naturalized some cyclamen beneath greedy Norway Spruce. I mulch the area with fall leaves (from my neighbor's yards). From your pictures, it looks like your cylamen are beneath deciduous trees. Do you have a problem with them being smothered by the leaves, or do they just grow through? I'm worried that I may be smothering mine.
Kasmira... you know, I don't think they are crazy about the fallen leaves; they come from areas relatively lacking in those, but so far they grow fine. I've wondered whether to sort of scrape stuff off them or not... too lazy to do it.
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