Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dark Window

Viburnums are under-appreciated (i.e. ignored), as fall foliage shrubs. They are more subtle and moody than flashy... they remind me of a darkened, stained glass window in an ancient cathedral; not noticed until the sun hits it just right, then it lights up with rich, deep colors. Posted by Picasa

Well, what do you know!! I finally have one of the plants you do, Don!! Mine is Autumn Jazz, or Viburnum dentatum 'Ralph Senior'. It's planted there to bring the birds.
Maybe next year....
Gorgeous, Don. I tend to love the subtle plants which, as you say, surprise you when the moment is right, say when the sun shines at just the right low angle in the fall. Maybe it's as if you are sharing a secret intimate moment then with nature, that not many will see.
Sissy... does your viburnum have any fall color; some do and some don't.

Kati... I'm with you; I love subtle, moody colors in foliage.
Color? The leaves on this plant are long gone, sir!!

Oh! Well in two days, ours will be gone too. It's to get down to twelve degrees (from 66 today).
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