Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Workhorse Toady

Over the years, I've added a lot of fancy-dancy toad lilies to the garden; some are indeed nice, some looked nice in the catalogue but don't like our hot, dry summers, so the leaves burn, and a few of them took one look at an Iowa summer and disappeared forever. I certainly enjoy looking at all of them (well, maybe not the bare spots, if they died on me), but if I just want a whole bunch of toadiness, I go back to the first tricyrtis I ever bought: Tricyrtis hirta variegata. I've gradually split up the original plant, and everyplace in the garden I've stuck it, it's taken off; it's one of those plants which look quite refined, but when you're not looking, it mugs the plants next to it, so you suddenly wonder where your prized primrose went. Its now got its sights set on taking over one of my pathways... we'll see about that! Posted by Picasa

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