Friday, October 20, 2006

Toad Love

I love all toad lilies, but which do I love best? I suppose that the choice is so subtle, that as often as not, the one I like best is the one that I'm looking at now... but I can, I think, without too much pondering tell you which tricyrtis has the best flower... it's Tricyrtis Kohaku. It was bred in Japan as a cutting flower, and what flowers they are! They're very big, with thick substance (almost porcealin-like), and have numerous large maroon spots and a lemon-yellow throat, with the yellow color also infusing the backs of the petals. Notice I said it has the best flower; I'm not sure it's the best overall plant. It's a cross between hirta and macranthopsis, and has inherited the floppiness of the latter, especially a problem with the great number of heavy blooms. This is one of those plants that they're always telling you, looks smashing trailing over a stone wall... well, my garden is a little short on weathered stone walls, and that wobbly white plastic fencing just doesn't have the same effect. Anyway, look closely at the individual flowers of Kohaku, and all is forgiven. Posted by Picasa

Jenn... actually my picture doesn't do it justice; it's a beauty!
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