Thursday, October 19, 2006

Steal This Blog

Kathy, on Cold Climate Gardening, has a new piece discussing the theft of blog content (pictures and text); it is being hijacked for use by other nefarious websites. This raises a very puzzling and vexing issue; though I've not actively looked into it, to my knowledge, nobody has EVER stolen anything from this blog. God knows it would be easy enough: the door is always ajar, and the owner is usually outside, peering into a bush or something. I suppose it wouldn't do any good if I did find out parts of my blog were being usurped; as I understand it, the laws governing this area refer to theft of intellectual property, and I doubt my blog falls under that umbrella.

Can I take this as tacit permission?
Janet... let me guess; you want the story about the time I ran out of the house naked in the middle of the winter except for gloves, holding a squirrel that got into the false ceiling, and ran into my neighbor woman.
No, Don... we want the PICTURES of that one! ;)

I'm like you: I can't imagine someone would want my photos. At least your writing is concise, though, so maybe someone would steal it--I think my own rambling is pretty safe!
Blackswamp... there are times when it's best no camera is around.
Oh man, Don. Where is the link to THAT story?? That must have been before I hit the blogosphere.
Janet... it was published Feb. 11, 2005. My idea of linking is telling you where to go look it up yourself; none of this fancy-doodle high tech stuff around here!

I just want to say that I haven't actually found anyone stealing my content, but I have wanted to know how to legally protect myself, so no one could say, "Well, you didn't do thus-and-such, so we were within our rights."

But you, you go asking for trouble!
Kathy... you're right, your discussion WAS theoretical (it was a commenter that mentioned some actual picture theft)... I was just feeling left out.
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