Tuesday, October 03, 2006


This is the time of year when puffball mushrooms appear in the woods; it's as if some wood trolls have been playing ninepins, and left their balls scattered everywhere. Posted by Picasa

Those are pretty wild -- I don't think I've ever seen that kind of mushroom.

The Inadvertent Gardener
I think they've left you a trail... you should follow it and see if they're trying to invite you to a big woodland shindig! *grin*
Genie... in my nature boy days, I used to slice them up and fry them up like an eggplant; Mmmm... puffball sandwiches!

Blackswamp... have you ever read Rip van Winkle? No way I'm going to follow them!

Puffballs are good eating if you get them when they've just come up! Any morels in those woods?

If you get them when they're old and dry, they are great to puff at your sister during an autumn walk in the woods!
get them before they are pink inside and yuuuuuumy!
Peggy... yes, we have oodles of morels (unfortunately because of Dutch elm disease).
GGG... they are pretty good, but it's a LOT of mushroom; I've never finished one... I mean a mushroom the size of a volleyball in your fridge is pretty intimidating.
Puffballs appeared all over our ravine hillside this year. At first glance I thought someone had been dumping again. They're wild looking things.
P.C... for some reason this has been a great year for puffballs here, too... they're just everywhere, some as big as a basketball.

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