Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Japanese maples are insidious; you buy this cute little maple in a one gallon pot and stick it in the garden; the next spring you find two more at the nursery, that are quite different than the one you already have (which looks quite lonely, being still only two foot tall, stuck out in the woods). The next thing you know, you have a whole bunch of them, in all colors and leaf types, and those little cuties are now growing like topsy everywhere. Let's face facts... you've become a maplehead! This fall was far from the best for their foliage, due to the severe early freeze, which occured while the trees were still in full, green leaf. However, here are a few pictures, in no particular order, of some of the Japanese maples in our garden.Posted by Picasa

I see....Maplehead, like pothead or crackhead??!!

Beautiful trees, no wonder you can't have just one!
Sissy... I'm looking forward to when they all are ten feet tall; should be spectacular (though it may be a little crowded)!
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