Monday, October 09, 2006

I Am Truly Underwhelmed...

Rabdosias are woodland plants native to the moist mountainsides of Asia, newly introduced to gardening in this country. Brand-new to our garden this year is Rabdosia longituba from Japan, described as a late-fall blooming wonder, covered with clouds of purple flowers, astonishing to all who see it. Well... I won't dismiss the flowers as being too tiny for the plant (though I think I saw a bumblebee laugh at them), but I will say I'm altogether underwhelmed so far. It is, though, the first year, and our hot, dry summer certainly didn't mimic its native haunts, so we'll see what happens next year. I don't think I'll start a collection of rabdosias right away, though. Posted by Picasa

Your blog has definitely piqued my interest. I remember searching high and low for this plant.... had to go to Seneca Hills to find it (I am from Ontario Canada) - I hope that it will enjoy my Z5 shaded garden... just wanted to say great blog and I look forward to further postings

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